In the Icy Summer Valley

7.29.19 photo by author
“That Trail Along the River”

The summer treetops shaded us and the hot air
kept us flushed
through the pursuit of the moment.

And when those leaves began to fall around us,
we listened as they
were crunched by our footsteps. There, we stayed,
warm and hazy,
creases from laughter
upon our pink faces.

And then through the
swirling snowflakes
we found
how nice cold noses felt
when pressed
against warm cheeks.

And we ran towards something,
towards nothing.

And in the icy valley,
we left it there.
Our energy,
it remains,
as ghosts running
through the trees,
in time-past.
but never
really fading.

7.14.19 photo by author
“Down by Morley Dam”